Eastern Martial Arts Center

Eastern Martial Arts Center offers some of the most authentic instruction in Japanese Martial Arts!

We are so sure you will love training with us that we are offering an unheard of 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!

Our training focuses on the study of the traditional martial art of 'Budo Taijutsu" (empty hand) and "Bukijutsu" (weapons). 
Also, you will learn REAL world self-defense skills,
build camaraderie with follow students and learn how martial arts will augment your life!

Other benefits at Eastern Martial Arts Center; learn Japanese culture and the opportunity to study in Japan!
Also, the opportunity to study with many high-ranking martial arts teachers from around the world right at our school!
You will also reap the benefits of improved physical conditioning, lowered stress, more restful sleep, fat loss, muscular endurance, strength, improved stamina, higher energy, and simply feeling better about yourself!

Adult Martial Arts Program ( Ages 14 & Up )
• Learn an authentic art developed over 900 yrs.
• Lessons are designed to provide a strong cardiovascular workout as well as strength and flexibility training.
• Program is designed for all fitness and ability levels
• Traditional weapons training
• Focus on Mind, Body, and Spirit
• Taught in a peaceful and safe environment

Little Ninjas ( Ages 6 - 10 ) & Junior Ninjutsu ( Ages 10 - 14 )
 • Fun and exciting programs designed around the tenets of Discipline, Self-Control, Confidence, Patience, and Personal Best.
• We are not an after school latchkey program, but an institution dedicated to teaching children and young adults Life Skills
• Parent participation is strongly encouraged; parents should discuss their children's progress regularly with the instructors
• Rank is awarded based on specific physical and mental achievements, behavior and attitude; goals set and achieved, and school performance
• Ingrains in youngsters a respect for tradition and restraint as they develop confidence in their abilities
• Stresses humility and puts great importance upon learning and practicing pacifism versus aggression

"I have been thinking about learning a Martial Arts but..."

Some of the reasons we hear for not starting a Martial Arts program are: "I'm not flexible enough", "I'm in poor shape", "I'm uncoordinated", "I'm not strong enough", "I'm too clumsy", or "I'm overweight." The reality is that these are among the best reasons for training in the Martial Arts.
True Martial Arts are not sport. Persistence and attitude, not strength and ability, are the keys to advancement. True Martial Arts is not a violent activity, nor is it solely a system of self-defense.. Traditional Martial Arts philosophy places great emphasis on respect for others, humility, confidence, responsibility, honesty, perseverance, and honor.

Sorry but Eastern Martial Arts Center has closed its doors.